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starkravingt's Journal

I grew up in Des Moines, Iowa. I started college at Portland State University, then moved back to Iowa to attend the University of Iowa. That fall, I met my sweetie (now husband.) At the time, he just happened to be the best friend of my best friend's brother (follow me?) He graduated, then I did, and we moved out West. We're currently living in Seattle, and got married in April 2008. I work at a homebuilding company as a Coordinator, and I'm accepting of my life as a glorified administrative assistant. No pets, but we do have a handful of Microsoft guys that depend on me for food and clothing shopping. I have a habit of collecting male friends that appreciate my cooking and baking.

Apart from baking and cooking for aforementioned Microsoft bachelors, I also enjoy comedy and horror movies, celebrity gossip, witty and ironic t-shirts, fast cars (even though I own a Sentra, I have the heart of a racecar driver,) fresh strawberries, and indulging my never ending love of shoes. Unfortunately for me, my husband has ordered a Cease and Desist on my shoe shopping, as he feels my current collection is trying to stage a revolt to take over his half of the closet. He may be right.