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Mood Boards 4

More random inspiration.

Mood Boards 3

These are a mismash of inspiration.

Mood Boards 2

These are all inspired by Christmas and wintery, snowy evenings.

Mood boards!

I can't believe it! I just found all my mood boards. I never had the chance to finish posting them, so I'm going to do so now. :) Enjoy!

(Note: I don't have kudos for most of these pictures. If they're yours, and you'd like it pulled, please let me know.)

This first set is very, very special to me. They are inspired by a few of my favorite things in the world.

Inspired by the movie Labyrinth.

Inspired by the movie/book The Princess Bride.

Inspired by my favorite place in the world, Okoboji, Iowa.

"I have a blue house with a blue window..."

I have had an obsession with blue houses for as long as I can remember. When I was brought home from the hospital, it was to a blue house. The two houses in which all my teenage years were spent were blue. When I was little, my grandparent's house in Okoboji was blue (my favorite place in the entire world.) So, needless to say, my house will be blue.

I've started collecting some pictures of blue houses. Why? Aaron's not convinced that he would be ok with a blue house. He seems to think that when I say "blue," I mean Electric Avenue blue. Knowing me, I suppose he has a right to assume that. ;) However, I'm not terribly picky in this department. I'd settle for sky blue, azure blue, gray-ish blue, anything really.

Here are a few of the photos I've gathered. In a twist ending, Aaron's favorite of all these is ::drum roll:: the Azure Blue! Crazy, I know.

(Aaron's favorite. Yeah, and he accuses ME of having the crazy color obsession???)
(My favorite. There's something so small town Iowa about it.)

Call me a sentimental schmuck, but I have to admit that this will be the first thing I look at when we start house hunting. I'm sure that you have SOMETHING that you're hesitant to admit you're seeking. Is it a walk in closet for one of you guys? Or a totally sick media room for one of you ladies?

C'mon, level with me - what's your deep, dark, dirty secret when house hunting?


"Asleep in Perfect Blue Buildings..."

Well kids, it's over. The wedding, the honeymoon, the gift getting, the gift returning, the thank you notes... It's hard to believe it's been 3 (!!!) months already.

I'm bored. In fact, lately, I've been bored a lot. So perhaps it's time for this blog to morph. It was a wedding blog, and presto chango!, it can now hold my thoughts and musings.

Don't worry, it's not going to become a journal filled with flowery poetry or songs of angst. In fact, I was thinking it would be fun to take you all through my most recent love - (pretending I'm) designing my (fake) house.

Here we go again!
The time has come - vendor reviews! I have more in depth discussions about some of these vendors in other parts of my blog. I've listed the name of the vendor, followed by their grade, and a short explanation. I’ve also linked to the specific entry where applicable. The first two vendors are Washington vendors (Men’s Warehouse was also Iowa.) The rest are only Iowa. Also, full disclosure, my dad knows half the city, so many of my vendors are people he knows. I picked everyone based on talent though, not connections. :)

Kiko House of Couture, A+; I’m really not sure I can say everything I need to say about him here. Kiko dealt with my extreme pear shape, plus size body and made me feel beautiful (sadly, a rare occasion for me.) He was kind, sweet, funny, supportive, full of ideas, listened carefully, just a dream. Of all my vendors, Kiko is the only one who, by then end, I felt a sincere emotional connection with. http://starkravingt.livejournal.com/tag/dress+maker

Men’s Warehouse, D and A; A bit of explanation is needed here. The service at the Bellevue, WA location was terrible. Our information was entered incorrectly, so we couldn’t access anything until we got it all sorted out. They were curt and generally couldn’t be bothered with our wedding. However, West Des Moines, IA - damn! They went crazy out of their way. Up to the moment fixes for my dad’s tux, measuring two toddlers (no easy task), and helping out with a MIA groomsman. One of our groomsmen is living in the Middle East, and got measured there. He sent us the only measurements he was given – waist, shoulder, height and weight. So I talked to the WDM store, and they figured out how to order him a tux based on those numbers and the numbers of one of our other groomsmen. The tux fit perfectly. WDM was awesome.

Glen Oaks, A; Emily V. was beyond amazing, I cannot give her enough props. Food was good, drinks flowed, and things were set up as planned. Emily was in touch with me consistently throughout planning, and constantly in the weeks/days leading up to the wedding. The food contained not a scrap of onion anywhere (Aaron's allergic.) They kept the evening moving smoothly and on time. Also, the bartender's they had on site were freaking hilarious. I couldn’t have been happier with this choice.

Maharry Photography, A; Chris does amazing work – period. He did my senior pictures as well as my sister’s, so I had worked with him before. He is, hands down, the most easy-going and laid-back guy. That’s not to say that’s he’s laid back when it comes to photos. He was like a ninja at the wedding – he was everywhere at once, yet totally invisible. There were a couple of shots that we’d discussed that we didn’t end up getting, but I fault myself and my wedding party for that as well. We just got our proofs and the “proof” is in the puddin’. Our photos are stunning. WTG Chris.

Sweet Binney’s, A; From the word “Go” Stephanie has been on my wedding like a crazy woman (in a good way!) We were always in contact, and if there were any questions, they were immediately answered. Our cake and petit fours favors turned out amazingly. They were better than I had imagined, and tasted even better than last time. Honestly, I don't know what else to say about these guys. Everything was just SO. DAMN. GOOD!

Absolute Music, B; Steve was incredibly professional, and handled everything pretty well on the wedding day. All our vendor meetings leading up to the day went well too, but had to be done by phone since we were still in WA. There were some of my must-play songs that didn’t make the cut, but that could’ve easily been due to time. There were also a couple of awkward moments during toasts and such that could’ve gone smoother. Overall though, I was very happy with him. He was solid, involved, but not hamming on the mic the entire night.

Ohana Steakhouse, B+; I’m madly in love with our rehearsal dinner site. Our chef was a newbie, which was still fun, but I think one of the more “seasoned” chefs (har har) could’ve rolled with the punches a little better. I also wish we could’ve made our reservation for a little earlier in the night, but I understand why it had to be that way. Food was excellent, and everyone had fun.

Flowers by Anthony, B-; Kevin was good, but I felt I had to give a ton of direction to get things the way I liked. The boutonnieres and corsages were nice. All the bouquets had a little more brown/rust in them then I had expected and not as bright, so I was a little disappointed there. The centerpieces were simple, and came out as I’d instructed. Prices were super reasonable, and thing came together nicely overall.

Studio 409, A; Another confession – Jack was not only our hairdresser that day, but also our ceremony officiant! My hair was a simple low bun, and stayed in most of the evening. It looked great, and I was happy with it. Three other family members had their hair blown out and were super pleased with the results. Ceremony also went perfectly. I can’t imagine anyone else doing it (I’ve known him, literally, my whole life.)

Joseph’s Jewelry, A+; Again, in interest of full disclosure, I’m related in a way to the owners of the store. Our rings were ordered, arrived, engraved and perfect. I also had my e-ring rhodium plated, and it was done the same day I dropped it off. Customer service was above and beyond expectations, and the process was totally easy.

The Write Touch, A; We picked out our invitations at a stationary store here in WA. Pud ordered them for us in Iowa. They arrived in plenty of time, and my stepmom picked them up. The invites were perfect, gorgeous, and exactly what we wanted. Prices were about average, but customer service was great.

Marriott West, B-; Overall, they were a very good choice. Laura was super responsive, and Emily worked tirelessly on our booking. Rooms were clean, updated, stocked, and service was great. However, their restaurant’s breakfast staff was horrible. Like, seriously, walk next door and go to Perkin’s. Also, our wedding suite wasn’t ready on the Wednesday we thought we were checking in. The front desk tried to get us a room, but they were totally booked for a convention. We stayed in the best man’s room on his pull out sofa (in the same hotel.) At 9am the next morning we got a call in his room that our room was ready, and asking if they could send someone to pick up our luggage. When we arrived there was a note along with fresh strawberries and mimosas! What can I say? I’m easy. Tricia + free champagne apology = better review. In all seriousness, they were great for a mid-price hotel.

Well, weird as it sounds, I think that's all folks! :)
So... I finally have something concrete about my dress. You've all seen pictures of my inspiration and all that, but I got something special at my last trip to Kiko's.

My dress sketch!

Now, I know, I know, the person in the picture looks nothing like me. I have sausages for arms, not twigs. My dear friend John said that my arms were still great because, and I quote "When the zombie invasion comes, I know I could give you an axe and you'd have my back." I thought it was both sweet, and freaking hilarious. I have zombie-killing arms, yay! :) Dawn of the Dead references aside, I'm also a natural blonde, and I don't have a Victoria Beckham haircut. Come to think of it, the lady in the picture looks like Jackie O, but that's neither here nor there.

Anyway, here are the goods! What do you think?

Posting idea boards

Hello everyone, I will begin posting idea boards I've been working on. It's sort of like scrapbooking for someone that hates cutting and gluing. :) Anyway, most of those posts will be locked for friends only because I didn't bother to credit the photos. (Yes, yes, shame on me.)

If for some strange reason you'd like to see them and you can't, let me know.

On a side note - wedding planning is going fine. I will have lots to talk about... I just haven't been posting lately. Sorry.

"Where do we go now..."

Some of you, my dearest friends, have asked me this well-meaning question:

"What are you going to do with your time when the wedding is over???"

Make no mistake, I know what most of you mean by this: "Since you've thought of nothing but the wedding for the last nine months - ate, slept and breathed it - aren't you going to go crazy after the wedding?"

The short answer is probably. It's hard explain to most people that I'm not obsessing about the wedding out of compulsion. I genuinely enjoy looking at wedding magazines and websites. Personally, I don't see it being all that different than looking at fashion magazines and style sites. However, I have taken what many of you have said to heart.

Once I realized how much I liked planning my wedding, I thought I'd take it on as a hobby of sorts. Some people do scrapbooking. Me? I'm into mood boards. Here are two ideas I'm currently working on. (As with any good fashion line or collection, I like to give it a name, three descriptor words, then work from there with the pictures.)

Eskimo Kisses - Snowy, glittering, sweet

Bobbing for Apples - Warm, rustic, romantic

Someone else needs to hurry up and get married... And hire me as their coordinator. ;)

(Oh, and PS, WeddingBee didn't accept me. :( I'm disapointed, but it's all good.)